Best Rocking Office Chair

The Best Rocking Office Chair: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide 

Especially when you’re sitting in a chair for 8 – 10 hours per day, it’s all about comfort! A rocking office chair addresses all the problems of a normal office chair.

In this article, we’ll be discussing how and what exactly are rocking office chairs. Plus, we’ll also be suggesting some of the very best variants out there on the market today!

Hbada Ergonomic Desk Chair

The Hbada Ergonomic Desk Chair is one of the best rocking office chairs you’ll find. It’s simple, sturdy, and does its job pretty well for an affordable price.

At a glance, you’ll recognize that the Hbada office desk chair is a lumbar supportive rocking chair. The inward bend at the base of the backrest makes it quite evident. Plus, we absolutely love the adjustability range of this task chair.

You can change the height and lumbar support of the chair as per convenience. Plus, the armrests can flip up at about 90 degrees.

When your back needs a rest, you can rely on the sturdy mesh back of this chair to provide you a back and forth rocking at 25 degrees. The ability of the backrest to bounce back to meet your spine makes the chair an amazing choice. It eliminates the awkward gaps and spaces of a chair that make sitting in the same position the toughest task of all time.

The cherry on top feature is the swivel function. It allows you to easily change your direction towards the relevant work desk or colleague without getting up!


  • Elegant design
  • Flip-up armrests
  • Super comfortable lumbar support
  • Robust
  • Swivel function
  • Excellent customer service


  • Thin cushioning

All in all, the Hbada Ergonomic chair is a minimalistic combo of black and white, which is bound to look super elegant in any workspace. Its rocking and back-support features will keep your body from developing lifelong aches. Meanwhile, flip-up armrests and swivel functions make position shift smooth and easy. It’s an ideal fit for anyone who seeks a budget-friendly ergonomic chair!


FelixKing Ergonomic Desk Chair

FelixKing Ergonomic Desk Chair is a top-notch ergonomic rocking chair that promises you phenomenal functionality. You can adjust the height of this chair as per the height of the desk, adjust armrests, and benefit from its 30-degree recline function. It’s one of the few masterpieces that make working in the office fun!

The great part is that, unlike most office chairs, it doesn’t have a complex mechanism. You can assemble this chair on your own in 15 minutes. The seat also comes with thick padding. Thus, supporting the lower base of the spine and additional comfort.


  •  Available in multiple colors
  •  Swivel function
  •  Easy to assemble
  •  Thick cushioning
  •  Adjustable height
  •  Well-built casters


  •  Can’t support a lot of weight

To sum it up, this chair is an excellent pick for those who work from home. Its ergonomic features coupled with regular care will grant you a long-lasting experience. Plus, using the chair from home means you’ll most likely be the only one using it. Hence, you don’t have to worry about burdening it with excessive use or weight!


OWLN PHILI Mesh Office Chair

The OWLN PHILI Mesh Office chair is a minimalist piece of art. At first glance, it might not look like it can do much, but you’ll soon discover its extraordinary capabilities.

Its structure comprises a mix of mesh and steel. The mesh back gives it a breathable look and feel. The steel frame promises durability.

The rocking function is also customizable. You can use the lever to determine the degree of back and forth rocking. Its movement is quiet, smooth, and swift. It comes equipped with small PU wheels to help protect the floor from damage and make any movement super easy!


  • Easy to assemble
  • Excellent support
  • Thick seating cushion
  • Minimalistic looks
  • Damage-free wheels


  • Can’t support a lot of weight

In a nutshell, this chair is a good pick for anyone who is looking forward to exploring newer chairs. It’s promising features are still much undiscovered!


Mimoglad Newest Ergonomic Office Chair

The Mimoglad Newest Ergonomic Office Chair excels at providing premium comfort to the user. It features thickened cushion padding and quality lumbar support. So, you can sit for long hours without worrying about back issues.

Its rocking feature functions smoothly. Hence, you can rock back and forth comfortably to ease any sort of tiredness. Also, the chair has a high-quality mesh covering to increase breathability.

Air is able to pass through the fabric easily, letting all sweat and moisture dry. Thus, you won’t feel warm and uneasy during long-term sitting.

Also, the height of the adjustable armrests can be adjusted according to your preference. The overall chair height is also changeable, though it still might not suffice the needs of tall people.

Moreover, this chair possesses a sturdy BIFMA-tested frame. This means that you can rest assured that it can withstand all sorts of damages. It certainly won’t shatter into pieces on the slightest of falls. Plus, it can hold up to 250 pounds of weight!


  • Flexible
  • Lumbar back support
  • Sturdy frame
  • Breathable
  • 5-year warranty service


  • Not designed for tall people

All in all, the Mimoglad Newest Ergonomic Office Chair is an excellent choice for people seeking optimum comfort at this price point. It’s a well-built, ergonomic chair that’s a perfect fit for individuals under 6 feet!


HOMIDEC Office Chair

If you’re on the hunt for something rather minimalistic and ergonomic, then the HOMIDEC Office Chair is your perfect pick! This chair has a simple and elegant design. The high-quality mesh increases breathability and keeps you cool.

What’s more, this chair has a contoured design to fit the natural curve of the spine. The design, coupled with lumbar support, allows you to relax and easily maintain an upright posture. You can also alter the chair height. So, you don’t need to worry whether it’ll fit your height or not.

This chair features durable casters at its swivel base. As a result, you can sit on a chair and access almost anything. It can move a full 360-degrees without getting stuck!


  • Simplistic design
  • Breathable
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Comfortable
  • Smooth movement


  • Only available in two colors

To sum it up, the HOMIDEC Office Chair is worth the investment. It offers you durability, comfort, and, of course, those premium minimalistic looks!


Types of Rocking Chairs

All the chairs that we’ve reviewed belong to four different types of rocking chairs, including standard, executive, reclining, and lumbar supportive.


A standard rocking office chair is the most basic version. It resembles a normal office chair, but it usually features height adjustability. For rocking, it comes equipped with caster wheels to provide the mobility required for rocking.


Executive rocking office chairs are all-in-one packages. These are the premium-level office rocking chairs. Therefore, these are the priciest.

Most executive types of rocking chairs feature a luxurious real leather cover to radiate class. In terms of ergonomics, they offer lumbar support, a headrest, adjustability, armrests, and even footrests. Some executive chairs even come equipped with neck supports.


Evident by the name, reclining rocking office chairs possess the capability to recline. Some can even recline at 135 degrees or more!

Although this variant is a bit more expensive than the standard rocking chair, it’s an excellent feature to pair with rocking. Whether you’re tired in the office or desperate for a position shift, a reclining office rocking chair will save you a lot of trouble.

When fatigue kicks in, simply bend the chair back and allow your body to relax. Meanwhile, you can use the rocking feature to gently cradle and ease the stress that’s building up and taking a toll on your body!

Lumbar Supportive

Lumbar support is a feature that almost all types of office chairs use these days. It makes a regular office chair an ergonomic office chair simply by supporting the inward curve of the spine.

If you’re going to buy an office chair that rocks, we’d recommend buying one that has both lumbar support and rocking features. Rocking provides movement balance, while lumbar support provides sitting balance.

Things to Consider When Buying a Rocking Office Chair

We know that there are all different types of rocking office chairs. So, let’s check out some of the essential features that you must check out to acquire maximum comfort!

Tension in Rocking Motion

Also known as tilt tension, the tension that takes place during your rocking motion determines the degree of back and forth movement that you’ll receive. Ideally, an office chair should offer a tilt tension of about 25 – 30 degrees.


When you’re investing in your office equipment, you should invest in materials that will last. You don’t want to spend lots of money to meet the same needs.

Hence, when buying a rocking office chair, check out its materials. For the frame, a steel frame or a metal frame are preferable as they are immune to the impact of bends. Try not to buy chairs with any kind of plastic.

Ergonomic Features

Lastly, check out the ergonomic features offered by the chair. Ideally, an ergonomic chair should offer the following for making active sitting possible:

  •  Lumbar support
  •  Headrest
  •  Footrest
  •  Armrests
  •  Rocking feature
  •  Swivel function


Is It Good to Work in a Rocking Chair?

Yes, it’s perfectly okay to work in a rocking chair. It provides movement to your body when you’re tired of sitting in one place. Whether it’s good or not all depends on your idea of customized comfort.

What Type of Chair Is Best for Office Work?

Ergonomic office chairs are the best for work. These should have a well-cushioned bucket seat, padded armrests, adjustable seat height, etc. If you prefer swift but frequent movement when working, rocking office chairs will serve you great.

The Best Rocking Chair Brands


Founded in 2016, HBADA is one of the biggest online e-commerce retailers in the USA. It sells premium office chairs at reasonable prices.


FelixKing is a relatively new brand that operates mainly through Amazon. However, the company has already established a good reputation when it comes to quality office furniture.


The OWLN PHILI company holds a reputation for supplying durable and innovative office chair designs. You can find desks, gaming chairs, and other types of chairs on their seller pages.


The HOMIDEC company is a newbie in the office furniture industry. It operates through online selling platforms and has a reputation for competitive chair designs.


Simplistic at its core, the Mimoglad company believes in providing the very best to its customers. Its products focus around quality and value more than anything.


Having a quality rocking office chair in your office can be game-changing. It not only makes your seating experience more comfortable, but it improves your health and helps maintain your posture.

Our team of experts has reviewed the very best options above. However, it won’t be wrong to state that the king of the rocking chairs would be none other than the Hbada Ergonomic Desk Chair. This iconic chair has excellent built-in features, aesthetics, comfort, and durability. Try out the chair today and don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts!

For more on desk chairs or all chair-related information, please feel free to keep exploring our site!

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